Kleks Academy
5 min readApr 30, 2022


Are You Ready For Magic?

Imagine a legendary film saga enjoyed by 3 generations of children and their parents.

Imagine a universal story inspiring millions of children to find the essence of their creativity.

Imagine a world where everything is possible. This is the magical world of Professor Kleks.

Now imagine how our present day technology can help the new generation experience this magic beyond the silver screen. For the first time, the film experience can offer the viewer a chance to become a participant in the adventure.

Professor Kleks’ Academy is a story about a group of children who have been selected to attend the magical school created by Professor Kleks, a master magician teaching children how to open their minds and discover their creative potential. Nearly 40 years after the screening of the first version, the talented and very successful team from Open Mind Production are sparking a new life to this legendary story and inviting you to experience a world which was created decades before Hogwart. But this time, it’s not only a film. The film producers are extremely passionate in using the latest technology not only to make this a visual spectacle, but also plan to provide the complete Kleks Adventure, starting with the film production process, as well as a chance to enjoy the Kleks Academy in augmented reality and in a special metaverse.

The shooting of the film, with Maciej Kawulski as its director, is slated to begin this summer. In the last few years, Open Mind Production has consecutively released a series of smash global movie hits. It’s most popular film “365 days”, reached over 300 million views on Netflix. It’s recent „How I Fell in Love With a Gangster” garnered massive international acclaim, and also became one of the most popular films offered by the streaming service.

Professor Kleks’ Academy is a universal story, with a message appealing to viewers all of the world. In a reality filled with magic, we also find imagination, creativity and a desire to discover something new. This is a path that inspires and motivates us to create a universe that transcends the existing status quo, designing new trends in cinema and beyond. Thanks to the latest technology available, we will provide the viewers a chance to experience the film and filmmaking process, closer than ever before.

The film is just the beginning. The Kleks Academy is creating a new reality.

Before and long after the film premieres, fans will be able to discover the magical world of the Kleks Academy. This will be possible thanks to the augmented and virtual realities that will be created in parallel to the film, which will actually be interactive with the film itself. This will definitely introduce a new dimension of entertainment.

Joining the Kleks Academy will not be difficult. However, only those who have a special ticket in the form of an NFT will be able experience the full adventure. Using blockchain-based technology, we are very excited to introduce the innovative concept of multi-D NFT’s, will be minted on ERC-721 compliant contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is a multi-D NFT?

Each Kleks Academy multi-D NFT will be a 3D animated NFT with multiple sides containing graphics and information, which will be revealed during cyclical Discovery events (as planned in the Kleks Academic Calendar). Thanks to this innovation, Kleks Academy Members will be able to make multiple discoveries of rarity traits about their multi-D NFT and new benefits that they offer.

A new way to experience film

Okay, so what is game changing about this? Owners of the multi-D NFT’s will receive a vast array of unprecedented benefits, for example — a chance to visit the movie set during production or actually appear in the film itself. Other examples of super cool benefits include a chance to own original gadgets and costumes used in the film or having access to special outtakes and a screening of the director’s cut.

In addition, every multi-D NFT will be entitled to special behind-the-scenes footage from the film production, as well as, a behind-the-scenes documentary that will be available only to Kleks Academy Members.

Beyond the movie set, Kleks Academy Members will be able to take part in various games and challenges related to and inspired by the film’s storyline and characters. These experiences will be available through a special augmented reality app as well as a custom built metaverse.

Creativity and creation are at the center of the Kleks Academy. Therefore, it is also worth noting that each Member of the Kleks Academy will have their creative potential measured by the FRECKLE$ METER assigned to each multi-D NFT.

What are FRECKLE$?

With the launch the Kleks Academy Metaverse, FRECKLE$ will become a utility token on the blockchain, and will serve as the primary tool used to fuel the Kleks Academy ecosystem. From the time of minting, each multi-D NFT will have a daily release of FRECKLE$ into the FRECKLE$ METER, with a guaranteed amount of FRECKLE$ to be released within a 5 year period.

Creativity, learning, empathy and environmental awareness

Learning through creative fun is at the core of the Kleks Academy and empathy is one of its key values. We feel privileged to work together with the Ashoka organisation — who has made a real and meaningful impact in the world by supporting true social change makers throughout the last 40+ years. We plan on supporting Ashoka with a donation of 1% of our revenues. Thanks to the Ashoka organisation’s incredible global network of experts in fields including children’s education, psychology, sociology, and emotional intelligence, we will have a very valuable partner who will help us create smart and creative challenges for our community. We embrace Ashoka’s vision of an „everyone a change maker world” as it expresses the core values of the Kleks Academy.

We feel a responsibility for our Planet and therefore will make a significant effort to neutralise the carbon footprint of the Kleks Academy project. We have reached out to Plan Be Eco, specialists in calculating the carbon footprint of blockchain based projects. Thanks to Plan Be Eco, we will have an ongoing analysis of our project, which will allow us to react with the necessary support for ecological projects which will help offset the carbon footprint of our operations. Our goal is to provide regular updates regarding this matter.

We invite you to join our magical world of creativity, imagination and new technology!

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