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Allowing creativity

Creativity is not something that can be forced. Every human being has a unique view and distinct experience of the world that cannot be duplicated. Often times we forget about this as our expectations of ourselves are tuned into the trends that are accepted and expected by our society. There is nothing wrong with this and it is a natural result of our survival instinct. We want to be safe and feel accepted. In this ongoing process, that is pretty much the subconscious melody of our lives, we often forget about our individual expression and the incredible potential that is alway there, just waiting to be discovered.

The creative process requires the right conditions to start flowing. It is something that we must ALLOW in our lives. We are often so busy and focused on our various goals, that we simply do not allow our minds to see beyond anything else that is not related to them. As mentioned previously, its this need to feel safe and accepted that keeps us attached to how our mind operates. Its what we know, it allows us to survive everyday, so why try anything else? It’s a reasonable question. And without the right conditions, understanding why may be difficult to conceive. So what are the necessary „parameters” that give us the space to ALLOW creativity in our lives?

Letting go of control

It’s easy to get blindsided by the observable cause and effect of many things in our lives. This limited perception gives us the illusory belief that we are in control. But in reality, there are simply too many factors beyond our conscious everyday perception, effecting everything around us, including our minds and our health, to be able to state that we have full control over any given phenomenon. Understanding this helps in letting go of expectations, judgements of ourselves and others, and the constant need to control whatever we can in our lives.

Trusting improvisation

There are many small steps that we can take in our everyday lives to come to this understanding . It takes will, effort, focus and discipline to break old habits of the mind, but once we get a taste of the new fruits, we learn to foster trust in just being in the now. This path can start from creating just a little space and patience in trying to do something different in our everyday routine. For example, you can try something as simple as brushing your teeth using your other hand. Even if it takes a little bit longer and may seem less efficient than what you’re used to, try it. Observe what happens, take delight in the challenge. Stepping outside of our comfort zone is key, as we learn that this different way, may also be safe and actually even more fun. A very important first step is taking a conscious effort not to evaluate and judge. Trust the process. It is extremely difficult not to compare ourselves to others or to worry about what they will think, but essentially it comes back to letting go. Releasing the need to control things that are beyond us. Everyone has their own experience and perception of the world. The deeper we understand this, the more creative freedom we gain.

Creative fun and challenges

In the following week, we will invite all our Kleks Academy Community Members to take part in various fun exercises and challenges, designed specifically to help you spark and foster your creative potential.

Tuesday Challenge: custom designed by Dr. Adam Jagiełło-Rusiłowski, an educator and social innovator (ASHOKA fellow), and Kleks Academy Team Member. Community members will be invited to get their imagination going through different activities, that will require sharing their ideas and experience in order to quality for prizes.

Friday Challenge: creative storytime with Maciek Kawulski, the producer and director of the new Professor Kleks’ Academy film series and co-founder of the Kleks Academy. Once a week, Maciek will initiate a story with a short literary intro. What happens next will be up to those who take up the challenge.

Besides creative fun, participants may be motivated by the tasty rewards awaiting the most interesting entries. The selected winner will receive a multi-D NFT! The next three runners-up will be added to our Pre-sale whitelist! More information about the Pre-Sale Whitelist be released later this month.

In the upcoming challenges, we will be selecting winners, but there are really no right or wrong answers to these exercises. The selection of what we find most interesting will be done primarily based on our subjective perception. There is no way you can predict or anticipate what we will prefer, so it’s best to just let go of any strategic thinking and just express what feels true. In the future, we plan on opening the voting process to the community, so once you think you may think you have our collective figured out, we will mix things up again and make them more unpredictable again:)

Join us in this new adventure and get closer to becoming a Member of the Kleks Academy!

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